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The new project “La Tierra Blanca” by Anna Murtola, the world’s northernmost flamenco singer, offers world-class flamenco music from northern Finland. Released in early 2023, the “La Tierra Blanca” album is Murtola’s second solo album, which has garnered praise from international music media. In August 2023, the album was nominated for Album of the Year by German music critics.

The release concert, built around the album’s program, is a vibrant live show combining audio and video art, Finnish poetry, and flamenco music.

“La Tierra Blanca” (translated as “The White Land”) represents a fusion of Spanish flamenco tradition and the singer’s own northern roots. Murtola, originally from Oulu, draws inspiration for her music’s lyrics and themes from the natural and mental landscapes of the north, personal experiences, and tales from the past, partly influenced by Finnish folklore.