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At Kirjalitta, books step out of their covers, texts surprise passersby in unexpected places, and books, authors, as well as children’s and young people’s own stories come together.

Since 2015, the festival has provided families and young people with insightful opportunities to engage with stories, not forgetting the writings of children and young people themselves. Kirjalitta brings children’s literature and literary art to audiences in schools, daycares, libraries, the urban landscape, and social media. The core idea of Kirjalitta is to highlight inspiring, participatory, and community-oriented ways to experience literature.

The next Kirjalitta will take place in Tampere and online from November 6th to 12th, 2023, with the theme of play!

The festival is organized by the Finnish Children’s Literature Institute and the Literary Arts Association Yöstäjä, in collaboration with local and national book and children’s culture organizations.

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