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The exhibition “Morbit Orbit” is built around artworks that create a gentle, humorous, expectant, and meaningful atmosphere. The subjects are approached through a colorful and innocent visual language, which brings a confusing contradiction compared to the content of the works.

Saarinen’s works deal with phenomena of our time and cultural turning points intertwined with Finnish-Ugric folklore, legends, and myths, creating new narratives for the present day. Science also plays a role in the works, with connections to Donna Haraway’s writings, quantum physics theories, and experiments in the life sciences.

Humans are rarely seen in Saarinen’s works. Humanity is as if in the role of the creator outside the picture plane. Instead, what matters is the relationship between humans and themselves, other species, nature, and their own environment.

At Laikku gallery, Saarinen’s works from 2023-2024 are on display, emphasizing playful use of colors, blending of different painting techniques and methods, and simplicity of forms.

Open Tue – Fri 9am-8pm, Sat – Sun 10am-6pm.