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Mukamas 2018: Little Red Riding Hood

What if Little Red Riding Hood (La Caputxeta) decided to ignore her mother, to be led by her intuition and delve deep into the forest of her fears? What happens when we react against the established norm? Have you ever accompanied someone on a voyage of initiation…?

‘La Caputxeta Galàctica’ is a multimedia stage show based on the well-known tale of Little Red Riding Hood, offering a unique view of the popular story. This multidisciplinary piece explore various modes of artistic expression, the combination of which results in a new and original expressive form that immerses the audience. The show brings together three video artists, two painters, a musician and an actress, who together create a film ‘live’ in such a way that the audience can enjoy both the finished work – projected on a large screen – and simultaneously see its ‘making of’.
It is a dialogue between the visual, performance, sound, art, theatre, and the digital realm.
Insectotropics is made up of painters Xanu and Iex, musician Tullis Rennie, video-explorers VVV, Laia Ribas and producer Maria Thorson.

Show is for adults only.


18.05.2018 22:00
Tampereen Tullikamari (Pakkahuone & Klubi), Tullikamarin aukio, Tampere