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MUKAMAS 2022 – International Puppet Theatre Festival will be celebrated on 14-18 September, in Tampere.

After long waiting, Teatteri Mukamas’ 12th International Puppet Theatre Festival MUKAMAS 2022 is finally here! The biannually organized event opens a unique opportunity to peek at the fresh performances of a national and international puppet theatre. All venues are located in Tampere; Teatteri Mukamas, Hällä-näyttamö, Haihara Art Centre and Juvenes at Finlayson.
International guests will bring the winds of the world with amazing doll handling, important topics, dancing and enchanting stories of growth. Prize-winning performers are Natalia Sakowicz from Poland with her two performances, Tian Gombau from Spain, Theatre Drak from the Czech Republic and the French puppet theatre group XZART.

Finnish shows for the whole family are offered by Hevosenkenkä Theatre, Puppet Theatre Sampo and many others. In the performances you will see and hear music, funny animal friends, complex situations, circus and shared adventures. Teatteri Delfiini’s and Anne Välinoro’s shows are intended also for the elderly.



*Hiirulainen ja Suuri seikkailu, Teatteri Mukamas
*Koirakampaamo Villa Koiranen, Teatteri Hevosenkenkä
*Matkalla maailmalle, Teatteri Mukamas


*A Younger Brother Like No Other, XZART (FR)
*Koirakampaamo Villa Koiranen, Teatteri Hevosenkenkä
*Timoteus-karhun keväinen seikkailu, Nukketeatteri Hupilainen
*Kasvokkain, Anne Välinoro

FRIDAY 16.9.

*Lennä, lennä leppäkerttu, Nukketeatteri Sampo Trailer
*Hiirulainen ja Suuri seikkailu – Kesä, Teatteri Mukamas
*Discussion about puppets, Teatteri Mukamas & Teams
*Wake Up, Natalia Sakowicz (PL)
*Elo ihmisen…Teatteri Delfiini
*Live music at festival club: Minä ja Nieminen, Teatteri Mukamas


*Hiirulainen ja Suuri seikkailu – kesä, Teatteri Mukamas
*New Shoes, Tian Gombau – L’Home Dibuixat (ES)
*Romance, Natalia Sakowicz (PL) Trailer
*Minun ääreni, Tytäryhtiö

SUNDAY 18.9.

*A Younger Brother Like No Other, XZART (FR)
*Satuvarjon alla: Pikku-siili, Teatteri Mukamas
*Mitä muistan, mitä unohdin, Haiharan nukketeatteri
*Log Leg, Drak Theatre (CZ) Trailer

See all the details about venues, ticket prices and festival from website.