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Nocturnal Happening on August 4 offers 70 performers and up to 150 different events, performances, exhibitions and other program pieces. Most of the events are free of charge, the events are widely distributed in the center of Tampere and there is guaranteed to be something for everyone in the program.

These are many performances to enjoy even without knowing any Finnish. Here is few hints. Circus Ruska Festival offers the skilled and high-quality circus performances at Pakkahuoneenaukio (Rosa & RistoMUIAT) and Bistro Vilja (Summer Night Cabaret). Samba Show dazzle the audience with talented solos and spectacular choreographies on the Ratina shopping center. Fire Park will be performed at Mältinranta. The fire collective Flamma combines and pushes the limits of circus and theatre. The performance is the celebration of Flamma’s 20th year.

You can find full programme from here

Also check social media account, where the events are raised thematically. The Great Nocturnal Happening Facebook & Instagram.