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Opening of the Tampere Festival of Light

Tampere’s 53rd Festival of Light will bring light for 137 days in the middle of the darkest seasons to Tampere’s streets.

The opening will take place in Koskipuisto and the program can be watched from the Hotel Scandic’s side of the park. In the opening you can hear Pete Parkkonen preforming, watch illuminated Tammerkoski, admire a video installation projected on the wall of Vanha Kirjastotalo and end the evening by watching spectacular fireworks.

In honor of the Tampere Festival of Light restaurants included in the Visit Tampere’s Hungry for Tampere campaign will host a dinner on candlelight on the opening day (26 October).

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26.10.2018 19:00-21:00

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The website of the Tampere Festival of Light has been renewed.
The 53rd annual Tampere Festival of Light will be opened this year on October 26th at the Koskipuisto park. More information about the program is coming soon!