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Take a step into a new outdoor escape room game. The environment turns into a mystery, the statues reveal clues and the texts turn into ciphers. Reveal the secrets and solve the puzzle.

An outdoor escape game is a game where you solve puzzles alone or together with friends. All you need is an Android phone. The game takes players through a small mystery journey. The game has interactive tasks and surprises.

In the game, you move around the city center, where there are mission locations. The game can be played at any time. The starting point of the game is near Frenckell.

You will inherit a special board … will you solve the mystery?

In honor of Tampere Day, you get a €10 discount on the game with the code: TAMPERE22

Discount price €19.

(Discount valid until 2 October 2022.)
The game can be played at any time, also on 2.10. even after.