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Pirkkala Viking Fair

Experience the Iron Age at Pirkkala Viking Fair 13.-14.7.2019!

Pirkkala Viking Fair, organized in the historical landscapes of Pirkkalankylä, offers visitors the atmosphere of the Iron Age.

The program includes workshops, battle shows, ancient handicrafts, guided tours, expert lectures and ancient music. There is also ancient program for children. Employees and performers dress in the spirit of time, and there are no modern materials among the products sold in the fair. The venue for the event, Reippi, with its museum buildings and animal farms creates an atmosphere that fits the theme of the event.

The fair is open on Saturday at 10-17 and on Sunday at 10-16. Free entrance!

There’s free bus service from Pirkkala Suupantori to Reippi every 20 minutes on Saturday at 9.30-17 and on Sunday at 9.30-16. Return bus drives back to Suupantori from Anian rantatie street every 20 minutes. Buses number 1, 1B, 1C and 11C takes you from Tampere city centre to Suupantori.

13.07.2019-14.07.2019 10:00-16:00
Reippi, Pirkkala

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