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Public Smoke Sauna

Our goal is to create a memorable sauna experience which differs from other public saunas. The  number of visitors in the peaceful smoke sauna is not limited so everyone can join the heat and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Raine Vähätalo heats up the sauna with the experience of two decades.

The enrolment is open on website or you can call Juhamatti (046 591 3298).

The price is 25€ per person. The driver of the group gets a 5-euro-discount from every passenger. In other words, with five passengers you’ll get to sauna for free!

We offer coffee or tea, and you can buy snacks. You could also buy alcohol-free drinks or bring your own. 

You’ll need an own bathing suit because the sauna is open for everyone.

Welcome to enjoy and relax!

08.06.2021 14:00-20:00
15.06.2021 14:00-20:00
22.06.2021 14:00-20:00
29.06.2021 14:00-20:00
06.07.2021 14:00-20:00
13.07.2021 14:00-20:00
20.07.2021 14:00-20:00
27.07.2021 14:00-20:00
03.08.2021 14:00-20:00
Niemi-Kapeen tila, Kapeenniementie, Terälahti