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During the Art Hours we create art and get to know different techniques and materials with the workshop instructor.

Art Hours are recommended for children five-year-olds and older. Please register the place primarily for the child or children. The parents can lounge in Rulla during the hour or observe the Art Hour in the Workshop room.

We emphasize environmental education as part of the visual arts context. Rulla is part of Eco-Schools programme for sustainability and environmental awareness.

There is advance registration for the Art Hour at Rulla’s website. The registeration opens on previous week´s Wednesday, at 2 pm.

Art Hours in English in the Spring 2023 on Saturdays of even weeks:
28.1. at 9-10 am
11.2. at 9-10 am
25.2. at 9-10 am
11.3. at 9-10 am
25.3. at 9-10 am
8.4. at 9-10 am
22.4. at 9-10 am
6.5. at 9-10 am
20.5. at 9-10 am