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Ice Hockey Championship Buffet

Salads flavoured with birch-leaf vinaigrette M, G
Caesar salad and Finnish goat cheese L. G
Spruce sprouts and garlic croutons M
Smoked reindeer and early potato salad with spring onions M. G
Fennel, spinach and pickled lingonberries M, G
White turnip from Sodankylä and spruce sprout pesto M, G
Apple and celery salad and caramelised nuts L. G

Warm smoked salmon, yolk cream and pickled red onion M, G
Marinated arctic shrimps, granny’s cucumber with dill mayonnaise L, G
Smoked pike and whitefish with juniper M, G
Beef pastrami, spruce mayonnaise and pickled lingonberries M, G
Bread M and butter L

Roasted arctic char, fennel and fish cream sauce and dill oil L, G
Sautéed reindeer, mashed puikula potatoes, lingonberry from Lapland and pickles L, G
Spring vegetables M, G

Lappish cheese and cloudberry jam L, G
Almond cake, yoghurt and lingonberry L, G