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Saturday 25.5. 7PM The Big Hall
Scandinavian Music Group and Vantaa Orchestra
Tickets 64,90/54,90/44,90 €

The most popular songs of the stylish and distinctive Scandinavian Music Group are ambitiously re-arranged for a symphony orchestra and band.

Scandinavian Music Group is collaborating with their former bassist and experienced orchestrator, Anssi Växby, to adapt their original music into symphonic form. The repertoire for this full-length concert at Tampere-talo includes carefully selected songs from the band’s nine albums, not forgetting their most well-known and beloved hits.

For this performance, the entire seven-member Scandinavian Music Group will play and sing alongside the symphony orchestra, but this time under the direction of new arrangements. The group is excited to fulfill their dream and present their music as grand orchestral compositions at Tampere-talo with the accompaniment of Vantaa Orchestra. The concert will be conducted by maestro Eero Lehtimäki.

The duration of the concert is approximately 2 hours, including an intermission.