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SirkusRakkausPumPum Street Art Workshop

Welcome to SirkusRakkausPumPum Street Art Workshop! In honor of the Lakeland Festival, a giant work of art of the underwater world wonders is being painted together with spray paints. The SirkusRakkausPumPum can be visited in the Särkänniemi tent area, which is close to Pizzeria Pelle.

The activities are guided by street art instructors for children, and anyone over the age of 6 can participate in the art. The little ones of the family are entertained by the Captain PellePänd with his funny songs, and the Captain can also be seen touring around the theme park. Plus there are chalk drawings and more fun activities!

01.09.2019 12:00-16:00
Särkänniemi, Laiturikatu, Tampere

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