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Sorsaklubi (Duck Club)

Sorsaklubi (Duck Club) is the energetic live club event held at the Tampere Hall’s Park Hall. The club offers a lively atmosphere and the best music in the world at a suitably early hour. Club’s gig offering includes the best of pop, heavy rock and stand up. There is a separate area for serving alcohol at the club events. More gigs to be announced during the autumn.

So, put one webbed foot in front of the other and join the duck gang – our amazing performers are sure to make you shake your tail feathers!

Tickets available at, Tiketti and Tampere Hall ticket sales.

Sorsaklubi’s gigs Autumn 2019

21.9. Sorsaklubi: SuomiLOVE – rakkaudentäyteiset jatkot (S/K18)

28.9. Sorsaklubi: Kotiteollisuus (S/K18)

11.10. Sorsaklubi goes Naurunpaikka (K-18)

12.10. Sorsaklubi: Maija Vilkkumaa – 20 tarinaa (S/K18)

2.11. Sorsaklubi: The Dublin Legends – “The Dubliners” (S/K18)

9.11. Sorsaklubi: Erin (S/K18)

5.12. Sorsaklubi: Ricky-Tick Big Band & Julkinen Sana (S/K18)

7.12. Sorsaklubi: Nelli Matula (S/K18)

21.09.2019 22:00-23:00
28.09.2019 20:00-21:00
11.10.2019 18:00-19:00
12.10.2019 20:00-21:00
02.11.2019 20:00-21:00
09.11.2019 20:00-21:00
05.12.2019 20:00-21:00
07.12.2019 20:00-21:00
Tampere-talo, Yliopistonkatu 55, Tampere

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