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Registration for this event has ended!

In honor of Soul of Sauna Week, we are offering free bus transportation from downtown Tampere directly to the stunning Pereensaari sauna on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi on June 8th. The rides are free, but you must reserve a ticket in advance.  The first 20 people to register will get a seat and will receive a Sauna Express ticket, which will be sent to those who sign up. You can choose your return trip freely; no separate registration is needed for return, and the same ticket is valid for the return trip. Links will be added here soon.

On Saturdays the sauna is open to everyone, so no advance booking for the sauna is needed. Tickets for the sauna can be purchased on-site, and prices are available on the Pereensaari Sauna website. You can enjoy refreshments in the sauna lounge and on the terrace while waiting to enter the sauna or for the return bus.

Departures to the sauna are on the hour from in front of the train station. See the detailed schedule below, choose your preferred time, and head to Pirkkala for a relaxing sauna session with the Sauna Express!

Sauna Express Tampere Train Station – Pereensaari Sauna 8.6.2024:
13:00 Train Station
13:30 Pereensaari Sauna
14:00 Train Station
14:30 Pereensaari Sauna
15:00 Train Station
15:30 Pereensaari Sauna
17:00 Pereensaari Sauna

NOTE! You can only reserve one ticket at a time using the form. If you are registering multiple people, please fill out a separate form for each person. You can use your own email address for each reservation.

For any questions regarding Sauna Express and ticket reservations, please contact: