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Kuutar produces cruise services in the Hämälä national landscapes
already twenty years of experience!

Kuutar cruises organizes wonderful scenic cruises in Tampere and its beautiful surrounding landscapes on its ship named Kulkuri.
The ship leaves Laukontori, Tampere every 1.5 hours and makes a scenic tour a few times a day.

Departures from Laukontori on Thursday, Friday and Saturday during July
at 12.00
at 1:30 p.m
at 15:00
The landscape cruise lasts about one hour

You can book a place on the cruise by sending an email to or just come to the place before the ship leaves!

There are many other cruises taking place, especially in July in the Pirkanmaa area, you can find more information on their website!

Feel free to contact them by email if necessary and they will get back to you quickly.

Kaikki tapahtuman ajankohdat

7.7.2023 12:00
8.7.2023 12:00
13.7.2023 12:00
14.7.2023 12:00
15.7.2023 12:00
20.7.2023 12:00
21.7.2023 12:00
22.7.2023 12:00
27.7.2023 12:00
28.7.2023 12:00