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Tampere Sauna Day

The highlight of the summer 2019’s Sauna Day campaign will take place on July 27 in Tampere, when the whole Finland will celebrate the Finnish sauna in Ratina!

The Finnish public service broadcasting company Yle organizes Sauna Day campaign, carrying on through the summer 2019, celebrating the Finnish sauna culture with positive pride. The goal is to get all the saunas in Finland to open their doors for one day, and all the Finns to the sauna to relax and enjoy!

At yle.fi/saunapaiva you can find a map with all the public and private saunas which will be open on Sauna Day, July 27th. Grab a towel and join in on the fun!

The main event of the day will be held in Tampere’s Ratinanniemi Festival Park.

The event is open to all and has free admission.

Tampere Sauna day brings an idyllic Finnish cottage feel to the center of the city. Ratinanniemi is filled with one of the most magnificent saunas, where anyone is welcome. Music, yard games, terraces and of course good food create the atmosphere.

To celebrate Sauna Day, Tampere Regional Transport Nysse is offering a free bus trip to the passengers wearing sauna jacket (and bathing suit) on July 27th. (Does not apply to night traffic).

Tampere Sauna Day is organized by Events Tampere.

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Tampere Sauna Day on Events Tampere website

27.07.2019 14:00-22:30

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