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Tampere Theatre Festival: I’m Liquid

A visceral and affectionate ensemble piece with volcanic potential by Kinetic Orchestra.

Guided by Jarkko Mandelin’s choreographic material and Janne Hasti’s sound design, I’m Liquid takes the audience into a visually harmonious place which integrates martial arts with the dangers and tranquility of coexistence – a human struggle without conflict.

The recipient of the 2019 Union of Dance and CircusArtists of Finland Achievement Award, the Kinetic Orchestra are renowned for their comedic originality, adventurous performances and a profoundly movement-oriented choreographic approach. 2019 also marks their debut at Tampere Theatre Festival.

Shows at Hällä-Näyttämö, Hämeenkatu 25.

You can find the main programme of Tampere Theatre Festival in English here: https://www.teatterikesa.fi/en/programme/main-programme/

06.08.2019 18:30-19:15
07.08.2019 16:00-16:45

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