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Tampere Theatre Festival: Nassim

No rehearsals. No preparations. Just an envelope on stage, containing a script which the guest performer is about to see for the first time. Plus a few tomatoes and the author himself, ready to guide the performer through their first meeting.

An Iranian residing in Berlin, Nassim Soleimanpour is a playwright whose works have been translated into more than 25 languages and performed all over the world but never in Farsi, his native tongue. In this exhilarating piece he examines how language and communication both unite and separate us in these times of uncertainty.

Oscillating between Mr. Soleimanpour, a surprise performer and the audience, Nassim is an electrifying, generous, playful and charmingly funny one-of-a-kind experience.

Performed primarily in English.

You can find the main programme of Tampere Theatre Festival in English here: https://www.teatterikesa.fi/en/programme/main-programme/

08.08.2019 18:30-19:50
09.08.2019 16:30-17:50
Lapintie 3a, 33100 Tampere

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