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Miko Petteri is at a crossroads of his life and wants to escape. What, why and where is he escaping? He must grab his guitar and let it all out.

The Escape Fantasy of Miko Petteri is a performance concert of one artist, a storytime and a collection of ballads. The songs and texts discuss themes of being different, our relationship to nature, the desire to escape reality and the roles assigned to us. The escape travels through the wilderness of Alaska, the coastlines of Lake Saimaa and through Tampere to Paris, accompanied by the likes of Alexander Supertramp, moths and Nestori Miikkulainen.

Saturday 6th August in Sorsapuisto (14:00) and Näsinpuisto (18:00), duration 1 hour

Performer, composer, writer and director: Miko Petteri Jaakkola
Sound design: Jussi Lukács
Poster photo: Arttu Liimatta