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Tracon is aimed for two different, yet overlapping hobbyist groups:

Tabletop and live roleplay, board and card games, miniatyres and strategy games
Japanese aniamtion Anime, Japanese manga comics, cosplay, J-rock, J-pop and other Japanese pop culture

Most of all, Tracon is a meeting point for popculture hobbyists and a way to spend a fun weekend. The event is a diverse composition of discussion groups, lectures, shows, workshops, competitions and much more. The artist alley and dealers’ hall offer a wide variety of merchendise and handcrafts to be bought.

Event Venue:
Tracon is held in Tampere Hall, a stone’s throw away from the Tampere railway station and Tampere bus station. The adress for Tampere hall is Yliopistonkatu 55.

Some areas of the Sorsapuisto park are convention area, but visitors have free and full access to the park throughout the event. Anyone curious can take part in the programme held in the park.

The programme can be found here (Partially in Finnish): Ohjelma – Tracon (2023)

Tracon is a ticket-only entry event. Tickets for Tracon can be purchased online starting 2.7.2023 at 6PM.

Opening hours:
Tracon event venue is open as follows:

Friday 16 – 23

Saturday 9.30 – 22 

Sunday 9.30 – 18

Tracon Afterparty is held in Tullikamari Pakkahuone ja Klubi on Saturday 8 PM to 4 AM. Ticket sales end 10.10. 2023 at 2 AM

Age restrictions and limitations
Tapahtuma on ikärajaton. Vaikka tapahtumaan itseensä ei ole ikärajoja, kaikki tapahtumassamme pidettävät ohjelmanumerot eivät välttämättä sovi perheen pienimmille. Joissain yksittäisissä ohjelmanumeroissa voi olla ikärajoja tai -suosituksia, joista ilmoitetaan ohjelmakartassa, ohjelmalehdessä ja paikan päällä salin ohjelmataulukossa.

The event is for Everyone. While the event itself has no age restrictions, some of the programm may not be suitable for the youngest of visitors. Please refer to the programme leaflet for information on possible age restrictions and limits.

Please note: those participating in age restricted and 18+ programme must be able to verify their age with a form of ID (Drivers License, Passport or Identity Card) if asked.