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Utopia Soirée is a one-day mini-festival taking place on Saturday, August 17, 2024, at Tahmela’s Villa in Tampere. The event will feature live music from Elsi Sloan, Lempi Elo and ITE EEROLA, dreaming open mic, and a panel discussion about utopias.

Utopia Soirée is a collaboration between two collectives dreaming of a different future, Sysäys and Vita Nuova. It is a gentle and warm counteraction against isolation, hopelessness, indifference, and extradition. The evening looks at the world through a queer lens, seeks hope based on knowledge, life from the ruins of capitalism, and sparks of resistance—reminding us that we are not powerless, as we have each other.

15:00 dj emotional labour
16:00 utopia panel discussion
17:00 dreaming open mic
19:00 Lempi Elo
20:00 Elsi Sloan
21:00 dj emotional labour