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Cycling Sundays 3.7.-11.9.2022 – on the beautiful Lake Näsijärvi

Alternative Boat Trips from south to north:

AT 10:00 from Tampere: To Pimeesalmi Shipyard leaving from Mustalahti harbor (1,5 hours). You can have dinner in Pimeessalmi and then cycle back to Tampere or wherever you want. You can also continue by boat to Maisansalo. Then remember to book yourself (and your bike) also for this cruise.

AT 11:30 from Pimeesalmi Shipyard to Maisansalo (1 hour). Nice trip through the Näsijärvi archipelago from west to east. You can enjoy the festive restaurant’s offerings and explore Maisansalo. The ship will stay in Maisa for two hours.

Ship at Maisansalo, from 12:30 to 14:30

Alternative boat trips from north to south:

AT 14:30 from Maisansalo to Pimeesalmi. The journey from Maisansalo across the archipelago takes one hour. On the way you can enjoy coffee etc. You can also continue by boat from Pimeesalmi to Tampere – buy a place for yourself and your bike for both stop intervals.

AT 15:30 from Pimeessalmi to Mustalahti in Tampere – we will arrive at Mustalahti harbor at about 17:00.

Check out the routes “Näsijärvi-reitti” and download the map. Read also about city bikes and download maps.

The ticket reservation system opens two weeks before the event and ticket sales are open until the morning of departure. Prices and cruise duration in one direction:

Tampere-Pimeesalmi 20 €, duration 1,5 hours
Pimeesalmi-Maisansalo 10 €, duration one hour
Tampere-Pimeesalmi-Maisansalo 30 € (20+10 €), duration 2,5 hours
Bicycle 0 € (free at your own risk / max 25 pcs)
Sirpa’s home cooking menu, soup 8 €, children 5 €, should be booked in advance

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