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Our quality equipment rental is open on the ground floor of Ellivuori Resort in Sastamala the whole year round, which guarantees easy access to the unique environment of Ellivuori; paths, the snow as well as the water.

The region is known for its breathtaking nature, and if you climb up the 151-meter tall Pirunvuori, you will get the chance to enjoy the view of the national landscape and the Rautavesi lake. And according to myths, the devil himself is hiding in the caves of Pirunvuori, which translates to “The devil’s mountain”.

The easiest way to make your way into the surrounding woods and gorgeous paths is to rent one of our electric fatbikes which are fit for many different terrains because of their wide tires. The fatbikes are perfectly fit for the majestic landscapes of Ellivuori as well as the softer terrain of the countryside.

You can experience the Finnish lakes by renting a SUP board, a kayak or a bigger 8 people canoe with a larger group. Our rental is located ashore of the Rautavesi lake. Rautavesi is a deep and clear-watered lake, where you will find beautiful paddling routes and multiple islands to explore. From the lake, you will also be able to see the beautiful churches of the area, two of them which are medieval stone churches. Wrap up your day on the lake by booking a paddling guide and the additional services you desire, for example, dining.

The climbing park HighPark is also located in the Ellivuori area. The park has zipline courses that go from tree to tree: The climber advances on the courses in the beautiful lake scenery with different challenges while wearing a harness, connected to a safety cable. Climbing the courses is safe, physical, and exciting!

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