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On this mini cruise, you can see practically the entire Rautavesi and Kulovesi. You have also opportunity to enjoy the famous pizzas in Siuro’s Koskibaari.

The tour begins with a slow glide to St. Olaf’s Church. At the same time, you can admire the summery Vammala from the lake. After church, it’s time to unleash horsepowers and sweep all the way to northern parts of Rautavesi.

At Ellivuori we slow down and enjoy the scenery. Under the Ellivuori bridge, we head towards the Kutala bridge. After crossing the Kutala bridge, we are in Kulovesi and it is time to lift the boat to glide again. Despite the speed of the boat, you have a plenty of time to admire the scenery of Kulovesi.

After a 30 min drive we arrive at Siuro’s guest marina, from where it is about 500 m walk to Koskibaari. A tasty pizza and frosty drink will make your day even better. We will stay at the bar about 1,5-2 h.

With full stomach its is good to start the journey back home. We accelerate to full speed again and the landscapes not seen before the trip are spotted. Between the Kutala bridge and Ellivuori we drive little slower, enjoying the scenery and summer.

Final crunch and some sporty waves – then slow down and glide back to the home port. This cruise is the highlight of the summer!

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