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Tohloppi Wake offers a whole new opportunity to enjoy Lake Tohloppi.

On the north shore of Tohloppi, two poles have been erected near the rental point of the Tohloppi skating rink, with three wires between them. Tohloppi Wake is the first cable traction line in Finland that uses Wake Station’s three-wire support technology, which is primarily intended for long lines. The distance between the poles of the track is almost 300 meters and the traction length of the track is about 260 meters. The traction speed is a maximum of about 50 kilometers per hour, but the normal traction speed is 32 kilometers per hour. However, the speed and difficulty level can be adjusted according to each level.

Wakeboarding is easy and fun for all ages. Jumpers and rails have been installed on the track for stuntmen, which can be used if desired.

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