Hungry for Tampere campaign is based on Visit Finland’s food tourism strategy Hungry for Finland. The strategy aims for developing gastronomic experiences and products so that the Finnish cuisine and the image of our food will be better known among the Finns as well as the international visitors.

Target groups

Hungry for Tampere campaign is targeted at customers, who want to experience the Finnish nature, culture and the Tampere lifestyle in its most genuine and sustainable way. They are connected by being curious, versatile and active.


The operators on Hungry for Tampere must offer their customers

  • excellent food
  • cosy and impressive premises
  • an experience in food travelling
  • interesting and memorable story

The campaign operators work together to promote the Tampere food scene. Together with Visit Tampere, the operators form an influential network whose ideas grab the interest of visitors as well as media.


The operators in the Hungry for Tampere campaign have to wrap their product into a story. Stories appeal to emotions and leave a memory. They make food travelling more interesting, experiential and easier to purchase.

Hungry for Tampere stories can highlight the food, ingredients and processing being

  • local and sustainable
  • genuine 
  • safe
  • creativity
  • traditional
  • simple (Nordic kitchen)
  • high-quality
  • clean
  • Finnish and contrast: darkness and coldness of winter, nightless nights of summer