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If you are travelling to Finland for the very first time, you may have a bunch of questions concerning practical matters.

On these pages we have collected some useful information for you to make your journey to Tampere as smooth as possible.

Passports & Visas

Finland is a member of the European Union and visas are not required for citizens of EU-countries. A valid passport is required. Citizens of other countries should contact their nearest Finnish embassy for further information. Visitors requiring a visa for entry to Finland are strongly advised to make an application in their home country at least three months before the intended date of travel. Visitors who need a Finnish visa and plan to fly back home from Helsinki after visiting St Petersburg should have a double entry Finnish visa.

Tips and guidance related to entry in Finland


Nature’s gift to Finland is her four seasons, each providing an unforgettable experience. Despite the cold winters, or rather because of them, Finnish houses, hotels, offices, and public facilities are well insulated and warm, even if the temperature outside drops to -20 or 30°C, which can happen between December and February. The air is fresh and clean and, due to the low humidity, the climate feels less cold than the actual temperature would indicate.

Finnish summers are warm and sunny, with temperatures in July usually around 20 to 25°C. From June to the end of July it never gets completely dark. The lakes should also be warm enough for a swim. Even so, anything can happen in Finland and we recommend that you bring some warmer layers of clothes, perhaps a jumper and coat, just in case the temperature drops.

Emergency services


When to call 112?

Dial the emergency number 112 in genuine emergencies:

  • when someone’s life, health, property or the environment is threatened or in danger
  • or if you have cause to assume this to be the case.

Call the emergency number 112, for example, in the following situations:

  • you fall victim to a traffic accident or have just witnessed one.
  • you notice a fire starting.

You should also dial the emergency number to inform the police if you are witnessing a crime being committed. If in doubt as to whether there is an emergency, it is better to be safe than sorry – dial 112.
Source: (Emergency response centre administration Finland)


The emergency department of the Tampere University Hospital, First Aid Unit Acuta, is the right place to go to get treatment in case of a sudden illness or injury.

  • In case of acute illness you may come directly, without appointment, to the First Aid Unit.
  • The unit is open round the clock.
  • At the unit patients are treated in order of urgency determined by their medical condition.

Contact information:
First Aid Unit Acuta
Address: Teiskontie 35, Building K, Tampere city
Tel. +358 3 311 611

If a patient urgently needs to consult a doctor, he or she books the appointment from the Telephone Health Service, Tel. +358 3 10023 when calling from a mobile phone, daily 7–22.

Emergency dental services for patients requiring immediate and urgent care:
Acuta emergency dentist’s service
Address: Tieskontie 34, building K, Tampere
Tel. 03 5657 0111

The City of Tampere’s Emergency pages