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Hämeenpuisto boulevard

Hämeenpuisto is a tree-lined 1,3-kilometer boulevard/park. It runs through the center of Tampere, from one lake to the North to the other to the South, with park areas at both ends.

It is based on architect C.L.Engel’s plans from 1830.


Sewer systemNo

For more information, contact Erja Parkkali at City of Tampere Facility Property Management.

Additional info about the venue

The picturesque Hämeenpuisto boulevard can be used for many events. It has been, among others, the stage for family events, food events, and outdoor cinema.

Structurally, it is a tree-lined gravel walkway about 60 meters wide. Cars do not run through the tree-lined area but on either side of it.

The boulevard could not be more centrally located. It can accommodate over 30 000 people at once; the maximum capacity depends on the exact area and nature of the event. Consult the police and City of Tampere Facility Properties Management. It is equally feasible to only use a small portion of the boulevard for an event.

The central and Northern parts of the boulevard have adequate electricity outlets for food preparation, sound systems, lighting, etc.

During summer, there are two outdoor restaurants, a cafe and an ice cream kiosk along the boulevard.


The boulevard is 1290 m long, 60 m wide, and has a surface area of 8 hectares.

Ask Visit Tampere Event Services for more information on organising your event in Hämeenpuisto.


Hämeenpuisto, Tampere, Finland