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Näsinpuisto park

Näsinpuisto is well worth having a stroll or a picnic in. Why not combine a visit to the park with a trip to the nearby shops and cafes in Stable Yards or Milavida Museum?

The lush green park has a stunning lakeside view over Näsijärvi. There is a fountain, memorial and playground in the park, and the beautifully renovated Milavida Museum is located here too.


Additional info and bookings: Erja Parkkali, City of Tampere Facility Property Management

Additional info about the venue

Näsinpuisto park is suitable for small or mid-sized concerts and parties. It is especially well-suited for events that require beautiful, lush surroundings.

The park is fairly large, but the geography of the area makes it difficult to manage large groups of people. The park’s maximum capacity depends on the nature of the event. Please discuss your plans with the police and the City of Tampere Facility Property Management unit.

The magnificent Näsilinna manor, currently used by Museum Milavida, is located in the middle of Näsinpuisto park. Näsinpuisto also houses a small, covered stage and a playground.



On-street parking.

Näsinpuisto, Näsijärvenkatu, Tampere, Finland