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Niemi-Kapee cottages

Niemi-Kapee cottages are situated in a farm in Teisko, the northernmost district of Tampere, on the shore of lake Näsijärvi. The area is surrounded by beautiful, traditional Finnish scenery, and there are horses, sheep and other farm animals skipping around the yard.

There are five rental cottages on the lakeside, four of which are close to the farm itself. Each cottage has its own, peaceful yard and a beach. Various types of meetings, events and celebrations (up to 30 people) can be arranged in the sauna premises and the outside deck and hut. The saunas can be booked all year round, and they can be reached by water as there is a boat deck. From summer 2020 on, there are also public smoke sauna evenings every month!

Public smoke sauna

Niemi-Kapee Farm offers the public a chance to enjoy traditional smoke sauna experience, all year round, a couple of times a month.

Niemi-Kapee Smoke sauna was built just like the ones in the 19th century. There’s room for up to 20 people on one go, and from the sauna you can take a dip into the lovely Näsijärvi lake. Made from massive logs, the sauna building includes the smoke sauna, wash room, two showers, cloak / fireplace room, a big sitting room, a kitchen and two indoor toilets. Snacks are available. 

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