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Ratina festival park

Smack in the center of Tampere, by a scenic lake and next door to Tampere Stadium, lies Ratina festival park. When the area is not alive with music and events, it is a lovely park that also houses a dog park and a popular outdoor gym.


Contact person: Erja Parkkali, City of Tampere Facility Property Management.

Additional info about the venue

The park consists mainly of a flat grassy plain but also features a small grass-covered hill. The park was modified for event use in 2013 and features several electrical points and thought-out maintenance routes.

Public access can be arranged through the Laukonsilta bridge (see image below) enabling easier ticket/security control at entrance. VIP lounges and restaurants can be set up in boats along the waterway.

Ratina festival park has been the stage of several festivals and sports events, among others.

Click here for a map of Ratina festival park electricity outlets, internet and water points (in Finnish).

The maximum capacity of the venue depends on the exact area map and the nature of the event. Consult the police and Tampere Facility Property Management.




Ratina festival park is located very centrally in Tampere and can thus be reached easily on foot or by public transport. There are several parking facilities in the vicinity. The park itself has no parking spaces.


Laukonpolku, 33100 Tampere, Finland

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