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Tammelantori square

Tammelantori square is a traditional marketplace with markets throughout the year. Shop for strawberries, potatoes, flowers and smoked fish during the summer, and Christmas wreaths and ham in wintertime. Remember to sample the local black sausage – any time of the year.


More information: Erja Parkkali, Facilities, City of Tampere

Additional info about the venue

Tammelantori square is regularly abuzz with traditional market activity. It can be used for other events. A simple stage has recently been erected at the square. Nighttime use and music may be restricted because of the residential buildings surrounding the square from each side. The square is near the railway station and easy to access.

The maximum capacity depends on the nature and structures of each event; please consult the relevant authorities.


Easily accessible by public transport.

Tammelantori, 33500 Tampere
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