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Autumn break ended on a positive note for tourism companies in Tampere


During autumn break the utilization rate of the hotels in Tampere was on average 45,4%. That is 12,6% higher than in whole Finland.

10 406 hotel rooms were sold in Tampere during autumn break 9.-17.10.2020. To compare, in Turku the number was 8 043 and in whole Finland 82 312. 

– Tampere region has a strong status in the domestic market and the Finnish tourists make up for the loss of the international tourists. Companies have developed great solutions for safety matters and also executed them well. It is clear that also the customers rely to the measures. It is probable that the situation will continue to be challenging for companies but we are happy to hear the positive news from autumn break. It gives faith for the future. The companies are currently preparing for Christmas time and Tampere will have a wide variety of activities for especially families, couples and Christmas shoppers, says Tourism Director Jari Ahjoharju from Visit Tampere.

The safety measures of the amusement park Särkänniemi gained good feedback 

The Särkänniemi Creepy Carneval event had a total of 24 000 visitors during autumn break. Last year the event had 29 000 visitors. Särkänniemi prepared for the event by limiting the daily amount of visitors to 1/3, coating the surfaces most frequently touched by customers with a photocatalytic coating that destroys viruses and bacteria, recommending face masks for the customers and making sure that proper distancing to other guests is possible.

– The number of customers and feedback tell that the event was a success. Also the rides worked very well. The last days of the Creepy Carneval event were sold out and on the last day we had a daily record of 4 000 visitors. Our safety measures worked well and we will forward these good experiences to the Doghill Christmas event, says Ville Aarresuo, the Director of Development in Särkänniemi.

Sold out shows in Tampere theaters

During their stay in Tampere many tourists visited cultural activities, for example theaters and museums. TTT-theater had an active autumn break: half of the 14 shows were sold out.  Tampere Theater also sold out their premiere play Eikä yksikään pelastunut. For safety reasons the theaters have a limited capacity. 

The guided tours in Tampere museums were a hit during autumn break. Museum Centre Vapriikki Raakaa peliä tours were sold out and also Moomin Museum’s The Groke tours gained great feedback. During autumn break Vapriikki had 4 548 visitors and Moomin Museum 2 354. The Stable Yards also had a great week with 5 600 visitors.


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