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Finnish Museum of Games receives an internationally esteemed award


Society for the History of Technology has chosen the Finnish Museum of Games, located in the Museum Centre Vapriikki in Tampere, to receive the 2018 Dibner Award for Excellence in Museum Exhibits. The award was announced on October 13th at the Society’s Annual Meeting in St. Louis. This is the first time the award is given to a museum in Finland. 


– This award is very important to the museum. It is a way to thank the exceptionally diverse co-operation network which made the museum possible and is visible in our everyday work, comments the head of Tampere Culture and Art department Toimi Jaatinen.

– The Finnish Museum of Games has brought tens of thousands more visitors to the Vapriikki museum centre, the amount of young people is notable. The Games Museum peeks international interest as well. It has become a showroom of the Finnish gaming culture and business, an asset to which this esteemed award will bring value.


The 2018 Dibner Award Committee stated:


– The Finnish Museum of Games created a sophisticated exhibition that explores the evolution of video game technologies and gaming culture. Striking a balance between local and international histories, your curators chose to emphasize the specific contributions of Finnish companies and consumers rather than recapitulate established narratives that focus on the United States and Japan. This decision has broader historiographic ramifications as scholars seek to more effectively integrate the regional with the global. Implementing their ideas led your museum staff to reach out to a diverse array of stakeholders, including game developers, retrocomputing hobbyists, and academics at nearby universities.


Previous winners of the Dibner award are for example the Science and Technology Galleries of the National Museum of Scotland, the Smithsonian Design Museum, the National Museum of American History and the Science Museum in London.


The Finnish Museum of Games showcases the history of gaming, and it was opened in January 2017 in Tampere. The museum was established as a co-operation between the City of Tampere, the Media Museum Rupriikki, a group of game enthusiasts Pelikonepeijoonit and the University of Tampere. In addition to these, the museum welcomed the strong support from the gamers and the representatives of the gaming industry.


There are over 70 digital games to play in the exhibition. The visitors get to try out games from different eras in proper surroundings.

Text: Museum Centre Vapriikki