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Ice sculpture trail opens on February 3rd


– The ice sculptures on the trail have unfortunately melted, the trail is closed –

This Sunday an ice sculpture trail will open in the district of Ikuri in Tampere – last year the trail became phenomenally popular 

Trail of Life will exhibit over 20 sculptures.


The Ikuri district of Tampere will be the home to an ice sculpture trail opening this Sunday. The local sports club together with the area’s residents’ association organize an event featuring ice sculptures, music and audio, and lights. The theme for this year is from birth to death, and the trail is aptly named the Trail of Life.  

A forest trail of about 300 metres will be decorated with some 20 lit ice sculptures. The trail is free of charge and open 24 hours a day for as long as the weather permits.

The ice sculptures are made by Manninen from Tampere, Antti Pedrozo from Pori, Jussi Miettinen from Kuopio, Andrius Petkus from Lithuania, Pasi Ahokas, Arto Koivisto and Maria Karvinen from Tampere, and they will be put together by Olavi Laine, Ossi and Mikko Kataja from Tampere.


There will be an open family event at the trail on Sunday February 3rd, starting at around 10 am. 


The photos are from the 2018 Ikuri trail, taken by Laura Vanzo from Visit Tampere. 


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