Rajaportti sauna celebrates the Finnish Sauna Day 8.6. - Visit Tampere

Rajaportti sauna celebrates the Finnish Sauna Day 8.6.


The gem of the Sauna Capital of the World, Tampere, is the historical Rajaportti sauna. What would be a better place to celebrate the Finnish sauna on June 8!


Rajaportti sauna in Pispala, Tampere, built in 1906, is the oldest public sauna still in use in Finland. The Sauna takes you on a time travel to the Finnish sauna culture. The massive masonry stove is the heart of the sauna. Meter-long logs are needed to make the stones glow red. Löyly, the spirit of the sauna, spreads out and lasts for the whole evening. First stern and dry, the löyly gets more gentle, moist and subtle later in the evening. There is space for 15-20 people on each side at a time.



Finnish Sauna Day 8.6. at 13-22

Rajaportti sauna opens the doors to its cosy warmth already at 13 and there’s also a tent sauna, offering pampering whisking and whisk washes. You can also learn how to make your own whisk out of birch branches, guided by a whisk master. The cafeteria is open, offering tasty treats. There’s a lot going on in the courtyard, from massages to a summer kitchen, and of course, music and other programme. The traditional sauna peace will be announced in several languages!


You can find the whole programme in here.




Partners: Pispalan musiikkiyhdistys, Folk Extreme, Tampereen Sävel, Tampere Guitar Festival TGF, Visit Tampere Oy


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The world's biggest sauna event, the World Sauna Forum will be organized this year in the Sauna Capital of the World, Tampere! The Forum plays a significant role in promoting the collaboration between companies from Finland and all over the world by gathering everyone together and both offering current knowledge about the topic and helping people to meet each other to discuss about the future ideas and co-operations.
Tampere is now made known as the Sauna Capital. The Finnish Sauna Society and the International Sauna Association have stated to be in favour of Tampere’s status as the Sauna Capital.