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Chaîne des Rotîsseurs rewarded Tampere Hall


”We have simply fallen passionately in love with good food”

The 50th anniversary of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Bailli de Tampere was celebrated in Tampere Hall on October 27th 2018. Tampere Hall was awarded an acknowledgment of their merits in promoting the food culture in Tampere. The Tampere Hall staff members receiving the award were the Managing Director Paulina Ahokas, Executive Chef Juhana Paturi, Food and Beverage Director Anne Nyberg as well as Congresses and Corporate Events’ Sales Manager Leena Sulonen.


– The professionals at Tampere Hall have taken in the quality requirements of the Rotîsseurs shield in an exemplary way, and bring their membership forth with pride and class throughout their actions. Tampere Hall is an internationally important partner to us, and a partner who promotes the conspicuousness and esteem of the Rotîsseurs in their own networks. With the 50th anniversary medal we wanted to remember the quality work done by the key persons to realize our gastronomic goals, says the Bailli de Tampère Mikko Reinikka.


The Executive Chef of the Tampere Hall Juhana Paturi is known as a pioneer of responsible restaurant management in Finland. Paturi reminds, that the salute from the Rotîsseurs belongs to the whole Tampere Hall’s restaurant staff instead of the individual members of the personnel.


– These salutes are a manifestation of the commitment and dedicated work of our personnel. We have simply fallen passionately in love with good food and drink, says Paturi.


Tampere Hall is the only culture and congress centre in Finland to be granted the Rotîsseurs shield. In addition, out of all the shield restaurants in Finland, the staff of the Tampere Hall holds the biggest number of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs ribbons, altogether nine of them.


Tampere Hall serves a yearly amount of 500 000 guests, and many of them alsi have lunch or dinner in the premises. The Tampere Hall’s kitchen prepares breakfasts, lunches and dinners fro the congress guests, museum-goers and concert visitors. In addition, the Hall’s own à la carte restaurant Tuhto serves hundreds of customers a day.


In the last couple of years, Tampere Hall has concentrated specifically on green solutions and local organic food in its restaurants. There was even a rooftop garden with beehives, and from the honey made by the Hall’s own bees, Tampere Hall will be producing its own honey beer called Pörri Beer.


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