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Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma to open a winter terrace – Dipping pier also in use


Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma will be open all year round now also when it comes to terraces. The upstairs terraces have now been mostly surrounded by glass, and in the cold autumn and winter evenings the area will be heated as well. Sauna-goers of Kuuma have been really anticipating the arrival of the swimming pier, which has now been installed. The dipping pool offers a chance to cool off in the waters of the Pyhäjärvi lake starting from Saturday, October 6th. 


The glassed terraces in the upstairs of Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma, the winter terrace, accommodates up to 200 people. The opening of the winter terrace is celebrated on October 6th starting from 7 pm. The terrace will be open to everyone, and there will be for example some relaxed after work evenings organized there.


– With the winter terrace, the customers can enjoy the terrace atmosphere as well as the scenery opening from Kuuma also outside the summer season. These elements play an essential role in our whole concept. The heated terrace can also serve as a venue for business or private occasions, as well as e.g. Christmas parties, the CEO of Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma Pasi Rautanen tells.


Food and drink service to the winter terrace are available for any private occasions. You can choose from a versatile, cocktail type of menu or a hefty buffet selection with appropriate drinks, of course.


The long awaited dipping pier has now been installed on the Laukontori shore, and after the final touches, it will be taken into use on Saturday October 6th. The pool is 8 metres long and five metres wide, and for safety reasons, it will be surrounded by glass railings.


You can dip into the pool from the saunas throughout the year. There will be altogether three staircases to the water, one of which will be heated for the winter months. The pier itself is sturdy enough for a boat to dock into it.


– Our customers have been waiting for the pool for a long time. For reasons beyond our reach there were delays, and now with a new supplier, we have finally got the pool in its place. The pool will absolutely make the Kuuma sauna experience perfect. There are hang-out areas on the sides of the pool, as well as space for 50 guests. You can for example enjoy some sauna refreshments on the poolside, says Sauna & Restaurant Kuuma co-owner Ville Iivonen.


The pools to Kuuma were delivered by A-laiturit. The pool was attached to the Kuuma terrace as well as anchored to the bottom of the lake at the end of September.


There are two public saunas in Kuuma, a wood-heated one and a modern smoke sauna, with capacity of hundreds of customers a day.


For more information:
Pasi Rautanen, CEO, Saunaravintola Kuuma / Lumo Laukontori Oy, tel. +358 40 502 4722
Ville Iivonen, partner, Saunaravintola Kuuma / Lumo Laukontori Oy, tel. +358 40 506 0422
info (at)