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Spotted by Locals city guide launches Tampere as their 80th destination!



Spotters are locals who tell about their city to travelers. The community also wants to combat against overtourism


Spotted by Locals is a community of blogs & apps by volunteer locals in 80 cities. The volunteers are called Spotters and they live in the city they write about, speak the local language and write only about their current local favorite spots. Spotted by Locals promote locally owned spots outside of the touristy center. Tampere is the latest addition to the Spotted by Locals destinations.


“We are worried and want to help combat overtourism. Since 2018 exclusively launched guides to cities that can actually use more tourists. Tampere is a fantastic example of a hidden jewel city that more people should visit – it’s full of amazing spots, culture, history and lovely nature. We are thrilled with the launch!” says Bart van Poll the co-founder of Spotted by Locals.


The Tampere Spotters Hanna, Heta, Julia, Olga and Tiia have spotted a few jewels worth visiting. Check them out!


Reiskahöntsy – The hockey world championship tournament that is played with slippers, not ice skates! 14 & 15 March 2020! Spotted by Hanna.
Olympia-kortteli – a beautiful old movie theater that is perfect for little gigs and other events. One our Spotter Julia’s most memorable gigs was the DJ-set of Finland’s presidential candidate a couple of years ago (yep, this can happen in Finland!)
Tallipiha – an atmospheric, historical and cute neighborhood with several boutiques that sell Finnish handicrafts, a nice café and various events organized throughout the year. Spotted by Tiia.
Suolijärvi – a 6-kilometre trail with swamps, forests, hills, water, a sauna with a hole in the ice in winter. It is one of Heta’s favorite places to hike.


The coming month Spotted by Locals will share articles and pictures by Visit Tampere on their blog and social networks. Check out Spotted by Locals Tampere or get the city guide in their app!

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