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Tohloppi tour skating track will be lit up


The track plower Tuukka Tuominen got an idea that for the skating season 2019 there will be a lit track of about 1 kilometer for January and February, in addition to the normal 3,3 kilometer tour skating track on the Tohloppijärvi lake. Tohloppi tour skating track is making history by being the first in Finland to build a lit track of this scale on natural ice.


The lit track will be carried out by installing ten light poles, 10 metres high, on the ice. Each pole has 20 efficient, energy saving led lights. Altogether the luminosity reaches 480 000 lum, so on average the light on the ice is about 24 lx – equivalent to the lights of an ice hockey rink. 


”Exercising on natural ice has a steady demand in Tampere region. This lit track executed in Tohloppi will make it possible to use the track also in the dark and in the evening time. I believe that the lit track is also a welcome feature to the smallest ones in the family. The track is also easy to reach even by public transport, making it easy for the tourists too”, says Tuominen.


”Realizing the illumination of the track is a big investment, made possible with the help of partners. The opening of the lit track is scheduled for January 11th 2019″, Tuominen continues.


Tohloppi tour skating track 


The tour skating track is located on the lake Tohloppijärvi, in the district of Epilä, in Tampere. The track goes along the shoreline of the lake. By plowing the track this way, it also makes it nice and versatile to skate. The track is 3,3 kilometers long and about 8 metres in width. During the season 2018 the track was open over a hundred days.


The track s free for anyone to use without a charge. There is a skate rental on the spot, and the track is easy access. 


For more information:
Plower Tuukka Tuominen
+358 44 240 9186


Photo: Candle light skating at Tohloppijärvi / DS Films

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