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Visit Tampere challenges international Instagrammers to take the best pictures of the worst weather in Finland



On December 17-20 Visit Tampere Ltd. organizes a unique outdoor Instagram photo camp in order to demonstrate to the world how to enjoy the Finnish nature all year round. Five popular nature Instagrammers from different countries have been invited to join the campaign. What makes this campaign special is that the Instagrammers, who are used to capturing breathtaking nature photos, arrive to Tampere in the least popular time and when the nature is at its bleakest to explore the outdoors in Finland.


Visit Tampere hosts the camp together with one of the most famous Finnish influencers, Daniel Taipale. Being an international ambassador of the Finnish nature and hailing from Tampere, he knows the hidden gems of the region and Finland in general. Another internationally followed Finnish nature photographer, Julia Kivelä, will also be participating in the camp. Other Instacampers are André Baumann (Germany), Johannes Hulsch (Germany) and Alistair Horne (Scotland). Altogether the crew boasts 1 000 000 followers around the world.


The group will be staying at a splendid villa RantaVilla by the lake at the Ellivuori Resort, from where it heads to explore different corners of the region. Among the places on the route are Sastamala, Kintulammi outdoor area and Helvetinjärvi National Park.


To understand how the Finns can get the best out of the darkest time of the year, different sauna experiences will be introduced to the guests. In particular, the group will be enjoying the steam of Saunaravintola Kuuma as part of their get-together evening in Tampere, diverse hot tubs at their accommodation place in Ellivuori, and experience an exotic yurt sauna in the middle of a spruce forest.


The photo challenge also challenges the chef of Saunaravintola Kuuma – Aki Honkanen


Photographing in lousy weather, in the middle of the forest, is combined with great food at the Visit Tampere InstaCamp. The camp is carried out in cooperation with Saunaravintola Kuuma who “loan” their chef Aki Honkanen to create some of the best treats from the Finnish Lakeland for the campers. Honkanen will be cooking for the Instagrammers out in the open air at Helvetinjärvi national park and the Kintulammi outdoor area.


The chef’s cooking skills will be put to a proper test at Kintulammi, where Honkanen will be preparing his menu, created for this camp, over an open fire at a public campfire site, at the mercy of mother nature. Among the delicacies that will be served for the campers there are, for example, whitefish, local cheeses and deer sausage.


– This is a great was to bring the local gastronomy to the programme that lacks fancy restaurants, comments Olga Javits, Visit Tampere’s specialist.
– The camp takes place in the rural area, leaving the campers little time to enjoy Tampere’s diverse restaurant offerings. It is however important to us that we can offer them a chance to enjoy locally sourced food and to share also food-related contents to their followers.


InstaCamp is partnering up with Visit Finland, Ellivuori Resort and Kupilka.


Visit Tampere will follow the camp on their Instagram to create a documentary of the experience.


The outcome of the InstaCamp will be presented after the camp both on the campers’ own channels as well as on You can follow the camp with the hashtag #InstaCampTampere.


Get to know the Instagrammers participating in the camp:


Additional information


The concept of the InstaCamp started in 2018 when Visit Tampere came up with an idea to boost visibility for Tampere as an attractive travel destination for nature lovers also outside the busiest seasons – summer and winter. Then the DMO organized its first “Worst weather InstaCamp” photo challenge in November. The campaign reached dozens of millions of travelers around the globe and produced outstanding organic visibility to the nature gems of the Tampere Region through the dedicated work of five nature-themed influencers. Read more about last year’s InstaCamp (in Finnish) and explore the camp’s results at #InstaCampTampere2018 on Instagram.


More information on the InstaCamp programme:

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Visit Tampere Ltd.
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