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Visit Tampere Ltd is an expert organization for tourism, events and congresses in Finland’s most popular tourist city, Tampere. Our goal is to strengthen the position of Tampere as an internationally attractive location for tourists, events and congresses. We are owned byt the City of Tampere and we are a subsidiary of Business Tampere.

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Visit Tampere
Kelloportinkatu 1 B
FI-33100 Tampere


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Visit Tampere Ltd
Kelloportinkatu 1 C
FI-33100 Tampere


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Please note, that we do not accept paper invoices or invoices via e-mail.

Visit Tampere Ltd
(P.O. Box 320, FI-33101 Tampere)

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EDI: 0037259074692410
Operator ID: 003708599126
Operator: Liaison Technologies
Business ID (Visit Tampere Ltd): 2590746-9

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Global sales & marketing

Noora Heino

Director, global sales & marketing

I am a passionate and sales driven global sales and marketing leader. I am in charge of global sales and marketing at Visit Tampere. My global sales and marketing team is responsible for Germany, UK, Japan and Russia, entailing partner relations and marketing co-operation and PR activities.

Why Tampere?

Tampere is a city with great restaurants, festivals, saunas, lakes and beautiful nature. I love the red brick buildings and Rauhaniemi public sauna in Tampere.

Pirjo Puukka

Senior Specialist

I’m responsible for the German and UK markets working together with the Western Lakeland area and Visit Finland.

Why Tampere?

Tampere is rough and relaxed, easy going and beautiful. A mixture of vivid city life and peaceful nature.

Mari Saloniemi

Senior Specialist

I’m in charge of the Asian market, working in close cooperation with my colleagues in the Western Lakeland area and Visit Finland.

Why Tampere?

I fell in love with Tampere 30 years ago, when I first arrived here. It felt like home, right away. And I fall in love with it again every day.

Grigory Kharitidis

Project Manager

I am in charge of Russian market B2B and B2C. Also managing Lakesperience tourism marketing and development project to promote Tampere’s lake services in Germany.

Why Tampere?

Because it feels so safe and comfortable here, and all the lakes, forests and the true Finnish spirit.

Olga Javits


I plan and organize international media visits to Tampere. Journalists and influencers from all over the world are my guests. I speak English, Finnish, Russian (native), and Spanish. 

Why Tampere? 

Imagine you can finally have only what you need from a city and take out everything that makes the city life complicated. You will get Tampere. 

Heli Jokela


I’m a marketing multitasker.

Why Tampere?

My beloved home city is a mix of intriguing past, eventful present and head-spinning plans for the future.

Jenika Kervinen


I manage the website’s Finnish and English contents, create articles and bring out the best of Tampere on social media and newsletters.

Why Tampere?

Tampere keeps surprising me in a positive way, even after over a decade of working in tourism as well as being born and raised here!

Laura Vanzo


I’m Visit Tampere’s photographer. I make visual contents (pictures, videos, cinemagraphs) for our different channels, and I’m responsible for our Photo Bank and our Instagram.

Why Tampere?

Tampere has all the excitements of a big city surrounded by peaceful nature. A photographer’s dream!

Eini Inha

Project coordinator

I’m a project coordinator in Visit Tampere marketing and I also manage the functions at the Visit Center of Tamper Deck and Arena.

Why Tampere?

Perfect size city close to nature, never leaving anyone cold – to the sauna it is! More than anything else, it is the laid-back and nice people here that make Tampere the best.

Hennariikka Meronen

Communications coordinator

I am the Communications Coordinator, whose keyboard is smoking, imagination is running wild, and whose smile doesn’t fade even in the toughest situation. In my job I get to do loads of different things, and I keep trying to have my finger in every pie. The best things in my job are meeting new people, telling stories and the whole tremendous Tampere!

Why Tampere?

The railroad track brought me to Tampere years ago, and as I was born and raised in the shadows of a paper mill chimney, the new life of the historical red brick buildings and roaring rapid still melt my heart every day!

Matilda Salminen

Event producer

On maternity leave

* * *
I’m in charge of Visit Tampere event productions. I collaborate with event organizers and influence in various city development projects. I coordinate the Tampere Deck and Arena project’s Visit Centre activities.

Riina Viljanen

Project coordinator

I’m a project coordinator in Visit Tampere marketing and my job includes for example organizing domestic bloggers’ and influencers’ visits to Tampere.

Why Tampere?

Tampere is perfect size city with a good combination of nature and city life. It’s a city that will continue to fascinate me year after year.

Event Services

Marko “Stenari” Stenström

Senior Specialist

Contact me for cooperation with the authorities, and event infrastructure questions.

Turo Leppänen

Senior Specialist, Business Intelligence

I’m responsible for data and analytics services and participate in various digitalization and event projects.  

Why Tampere?

Tampere offers all advantages of a big city in a conveniently compact package. That’s why Tampere.


Pia Helminen

Senior Specialist, Congresses

I’m the person to contact if you are planning an international conference in Tampere. You can also meet me at international fairs or at sales calls.

Why Tampere?

I love the history and beautiful red brick buildings in Tampere.

Laila Walldén

Senior Specialist, Congresses

I’m the person to contact if you are planning an international conference in Tampere. You can also meet me at the university campuses.

Why Tampere?

Tampere is a city of  great museums, festivals and concerts. Yet the nature is always around the corner and the distances are short.

Business development

Harri Airaksinen

Chief Executive Officer

Jari Ahjoharju

Director, tourism

Johanna Holmberg

Chief Administrative Officer

Matti Pollari

Project Manager, Sustainable Tourism Hub

Building a Hub and a development platform for sustainable low carbon tourism services in Särkänniemi amusement park area. Cycling and local culture are dear to my heart.

Why Tampere?

Tampere has the best mörköpötkö, the best Popeda and the best Kummeli in Finland, need I say more?

Pekka Peltonen

Teisko coordinator

Visit Tampere Tourist Information
visittampere (at)
Tel. +358 (0)3 5656 6800

Visit Tampere tourist information offers information, brochures, tips, maps and much more. For both summer and winter season, we gather together a weekly activity programme with suggestions for every weekday. The tourist information is at your service all year round on social media and by e-mail and telephone, and in the summertime you can get service in person at Frenckell service point. We will also be present at major events.

Guided tours

You can book a guided tour or a guide for your tour from Tavicon Ltd.

tampere.guides (at)
Tel. +358 3 233 0400

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