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After the event

Disassembly and cleaning up

The event organiser’s work continues after the event is over. It is the event organiser’s responsibility to make sure that the venue is cleared and cleaned up, the structures are disassembled, and all rented and borrowed equipment is returned. People responsible for the disassembly and the schedule for it must be agreed upon in good time before the event.


In the case of recurring events, it is particularly important to record what was done, what went well and what could be improved the next time during and after the event. This will make the work a lot easier the following year, particularly if the personnel changes before the next event is organised.

Evaluation and feedback

After the event, it is time to evaluate its success. Consider what went well and what could be improved. Suitable tools for carrying out the evaluation include a feedback survey and an evaluation meeting. When planning the event, it is good to agree on a schedule for the evaluation, the target group for the feedback survey, and the means of asking for feedback. Analyse and go through the feedback in an evaluation meeting. All parties involved in the organisation of the event, including partners and authorities, if necessary, should participate in the meeting.

Post-event marketing and thanks

Event organisers should always remember post-event marketing as well. Thank your partners and volunteers via email, for example, and the participants and guests using your social media channels and website. This is also a great opportunity to advertise your next event.


If the event received grants or public financing, it has the responsibility to report on the event and its finances afterwards.

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