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Choosing your event venue

Tampere boasts a large number of high-quality venues for sport, outdoor festivals, trade fairs, congresses, concerts and many other events. When choosing your venue, make sure to consider at least the following: the nature of the event, the date/season and time of day, target group, physical location, accessibility and rent.

Events can be organised in parks, stadiums, multipurpose venues, meeting spaces, schools, theaters, sports halls, restaurants, libraries, shopping malls, and even underground parking halls.

When booking a venue, always remember to make sure whether an official application or written contract is needed in addition to an oral agreement. Tampere sport venues, for instance, need to be confirmed by written applications/agreements.


Indoor events

Tampere offers hundreds of indoor venues to choose from. The larger the crowd you need to accommodate, the earlier you need to book the venue. When booking a sports venue, you should estimate the number of athletes, officials, volunteers, press, and audience each separately.

Most indoor venues feature basic equipment such as chairs, tables, electricity, running water, and toilets. Many event venues feature event equipment such as screens, stages, lighting, choir stairs, sound system, cloakroom/coat check, information desk etc. If this or other required equipment is not available, it can be rented. The contact person at the venue should be able to recommend suppliers, or you can contact Tampere Event Services for advice.

Make sure you know which services and equipment is included in the rent!


Outdoor events

There are several interesting areas for outdoor events in Tampere. Tampere Stadium and Pyynikki stadium are two examples of sport venues that can house all manner of events. Various fields, parks, squares and streets can be used for many things and cater to audiences from very tiny to major.

When choosing an outdoor venue, remember to consider the infrastructure, e.g. electricity, sewage systems and water. While these can be arranged virtually anywhere, it will affect the costs. Less readily changed are things such as surfaces, parking and public transport, and nearby nature.


Indoor-outdoor events

A lot can be said for events combining indoor and outdoor elements. Examples include Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center (TESC) which has hosted multi-sport events with some events outdoors and others indoors; the role-playing and anime event Tracon, which has utilised both the shiny state-of-the-art congress center Tampere Hall as well as the idyllic park Sorsapuisto next door.



Should you organise your event indoors, outdoors or both?
How many participants/audience members are you expecting?
How do people arrive at the venue?
How is the accessibility of the venue?
How does the venue address matters of sustainability?
Do you require large structures and transport?
Do you require bicycle or car parking?
How much have you budgeted for the venue?
Does the venue place restrictions on noise levels?
Do you need restaurants or alcohol service at the venue / near the venue?
What is the image of the venue? (e.g. laid-back versus sophisticated; modern versus traditional)

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