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Licence for selling and serving food

If food products are sold or served at the event, the organiser must submit a notification to the City of Tampere Food Control Unit. The event organiser must make sure that the mobile food establishments at the event have been approved or that the operators have reported the establishments to the competent food control authority of the municipality in which the business is registered.

The use of a mobile food establishment has to be reported to the competent authorities of the municipality in which the operation is started. The report has to be submitted in writing four weeks before starting the operation or making significant changes to an establishment already in operation.

If the mobile food establishment has been approved or reported to the authorities, the event organiser must make sure that the competent authorities of the municipalities in which the establishment operates are notified of the mobile food establishment. In Tampere, the competent supervisory authority is the City of Tampere Food Control Unit. Submit the notification at least four days before commencing the activity.

Small-scale operations, such as private individuals or social clubs, selling or serving minor amounts of food do not need to be reported.

Drinking water and the water used for cooking, washing dishes, cleaning up and washing must meet the requirements set for the quality of household water. If the water must be transported to the venue in a tank, the event organiser must verify the quality and fitness for purpose of the water.

The event organiser must make sure that all of the operators at the event that import food products of animal origin (such as cheese or processed meat) file written reports on the controls at the point of first entry to the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, if necessary. The report must be filed at least 14 days before commencing the operation.

Animals are allowed at the venue unless the event organiser expressly prohibits bringing them to the event. Please note, however, that the Public Order Act prohibits animals on the marketplace during opening hours. This does not apply to approved guide dogs, assistance dogs and hearing dogs that are allowed in all food establishments and the parts of them that are open to the public.

The event organiser is always responsible for all operations and activity at and within the framework of the event. For more information and assistance in filling out any forms in Finnish, please contact the Visit Tampere Event Services team.

Licences to serve alcohol and the related notifications

A temporary licence to serve alcohol can be granted for an event with a limited, clearly defined duration. The maximum validity period of the licence is one month. The competent authority that grants licences to serve alcohol is the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI); in the case of Tampere, it is AVI Western and Inland Finland. Submit your application early; the processing time is about 1 to 2 months.

When granting temporary licences to serve alcohol, the authorities pay special attention to the nature and scope of the event and arrangements for serving alcohol, as well as the event organiser’s capacity to monitor the service and maintain order at the event. The licence may be denied or a limited licence may be granted for a sports event, family event or other type of event attended by a large number of children and young people.

A temporary licence to serve alcohol can only be granted on special grounds, such as the insufficient capacity to serve alcoholic drinks of the restaurant at or around the venue.

If the event takes place on licensed premises, an operator with a licence to serve alcohol can serve alcoholic drinks at the venue upon notification to the competent Regional State Administrative Agency of the municipality where the licensed premises are located. The notification must be submitted at least three days before commencing the operation. The owner or holder of the premises can apply for the licence. The event organiser should check with the owner or holder of the venue whether the premises are licensed.

The legislation concerning the licences and personnel who sell or serve alcohol has changed recently, and the current legislation requires that the person in charge of each shift is at least 18 years old. Other qualifications are not required.

More information (Regional State Administrative Agency)

Retail licence for tobacco

The retail sale of tobacco products is subject to a licence. The seller must apply for a retail licence with the local authority in the municipality where the point of sale is located. It is prohibited to start the retail sales of tobacco products before the licence is granted. The licence only covers the seller and point of sale that the licence was granted to.

The application processing time is about a month. The same prohibition of advertising covers both e-cigarettes and regular tobacco products and smoking accessories.

For further information on tobacco products and the required licences, please refer to the Finnish National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira website.

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