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Information and notifications regarding the event

In addition to applying for permits and licences, the event organiser must inform and notify various parties about the event. Remember to inform all parties whose operations or activities your event may affect but who do not require a licence application or official notification. This helps you to avoid misunderstandings with various city departments and other parties.

Tieliikennekeskus (the centre for road traffic) monitors traffic on the approach roads to Tampere and on major streets in the city. We recommend informing the centre of any major events or events that affect traffic. If necessary, the centre can adjust speed limits on affected roads or inform road users of the possibility of traffic jams in advance. It is also advisable to inform the centre of any heavy road transport, increased traffic to and from the airport, or the entourages of VIP guests arriving in the area.

Inform Tampere Regional Transport of the event to allow them to anticipate any changes in traffic, need for buses or alternative bus routes. We also advise you to inform Tampere Regional Transport about concerts, sports matches and tournaments.

It may be necessary to park vehicles at or near the venue when building and dismantling the event structures. To avoid parking tickets, inform City of Tampere Parking Control about your event. Remember to check the possibility of parking at or near the venue with the lessor, and apply for any parking permits that may be needed.

Inform the people living in nearby buildings of any events that may cause noise or affect their walking or driving routes. Distribute notifications in nearby buildings and attach information bulletins around the venue in advance of your event. Include the name and contact information of the event organiser in the notifications.

If films or television programmes are shot in the city, the police and rescue services must be informed of the location to allow them to prepare for possible emergencies. If the crew has to position their equipment or cables in the street, the City of Tampere Planning Services department must be informed. For a longer project, it may be necessary to apply for a street use permit.

Learn more about filming permit and street use permit.

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