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Initial event planning

When you first start planning your event, make it clear to yourself what the event is all about.


  • What is the aim of the event?
  • What is the event content?
  • Is your event interesting to your chosen target groups?
  • What does your event add to the existing event landscape in Tampere?
  • How does your event compare to other events (price, content etc)?

Pro tip: The clearer your concept, the easier the event is to market and find sponsors for.

Who is your event aimed at?

A public event can only survive if it appeals to its public. Make sure to take into account specific features of different target groups. For instance, accessibility must be high on your list of priorities in events aimed at both seniors and families.


  • Who is your event aimed at?
  • Where are the audience members / participants from? How many people are you expecting?
  • Could you attract audiences from other regions as well?
  • How are the people going to move to, from and at your event?
  • What languages / modes of communication does the audience want you to use?

What is the right time for your event? 

Timing can make or break your event. Things to take into consideration include: timing of similar events, typical vacation times, bank holidays, expected weather conditions, other major events in Tampere, and many others.


  • Are there similar events in Tampere? What are their dates and times?
  • What synergies can be achieved with other events? (e.g. culinary event simultaneously with an art event; public event simultaneously with a professional event in the same field)
  • What is the best season for your event? (while Summer is often appealing, it is also the time with the most competition and the highest booking rates at venues and hotels)
  • Are there major events in Tampere at the same time as your event? (large international sports events and significant congresses may fill the hotel capacity to the brim)
  • How will vacation schedules and bank holidays affect your choice of date? (e.g. school holidays in Tampere region – not always exactly the same as in other parts of the country; Midsommer; Mother’s day)

Pro tip: Always ask Tampere Event Services about other events during your planned event dates. Also make sure you are aware of roadwork, infrastructure changes, and global events that part of your audience might be interested in (e.g. the Olympics, Football World Cup, Eurovision Song contest)., and any other relevant factors.

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