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Land use permit

Organising an event in a marketplace or in a public park owned by the City of Tampere is subject to a fee and always requires a land use permit from the land owner. Submit your application for a permit to the City of Tampere Facility Property Management department. Major events require specific negotiations with the land owner. For street use permits, please contact the City of Tampere Planning Services department (see Street Use permit below).

When you start planning you event, always consult the Visit Tampere Event planning calendar and the venue owner for other events organised at the same time!

The licence holder must always agree on any measures to be taken and the associated costs with the relevant departments of the city administration. A deposit, the amount of which will be determined on a case-by-case basis, may be required to cover the possible cost of cleaning up the venue after the event. The deposit will be returned after the event if everything runs smoothly.

If the duration of the event is longer than seven days, the fixtures and structures (tents, fences and other visible structures) require the prior approval of the City of Tampere. Submit the application for approval to the Facility Property Management department in connection with the application for the land use permit; the cityscape architect of the City of Tampere assesses the fixtures.

If your event will take place in a restaurant or another venue with permanent staff, the above-mentioned permits and licences are not needed. Staff at the restaurant will take care of the organisation.

To avoid parking tickets, we recommend that you specify any vehicles necessary for the event that will be parked at the venue, including delivery and service traffic. The Facility Property Management department will forward a copy of the permit to City Parking Control.

The City of Tampere charges an additional fee based on the seating capacity for premises serving alcohol within the rented area.

The necessary notice period for applying for a land use permit depends on the venue, time and type of the event. During quiet periods and for less popular spots, it may be sufficient to submit the application about 1 to 3 months ahead of the event, whereas in the case of the more popular venues it may be necessary to reserve it as early as 24 to 36 months in advance.

For further information and assistance in filling out any application forms in Finnish, please contact the Visit Tampere Event Services team.

Street use permit

If it is necessary to close a street, parking area or another public area partly or completely so that it requires temporary traffic arrangements, the event organiser must apply for a street use permit. Street use permits are granted by the City of Tampere’s Planning Services department. Remember to apply for a street use permit at least 14 to 21 days before closing a street.

A plan for temporary traffic arrangements must be attached to the application for a street use permit. The event organiser is responsible for making sure that the traffic arrangements guarantee a smooth flow of traffic; this includes arranging for traffic controllers and any traffic signs that may be needed. Traffic signs can be rented from the Liikennemerkkitoimisto (traffic sign department) of the City of Tampere.

If the street to be closed is on a bus route, the event organiser must contact Tampere Regional Transportation to agree upon alternative routes as early as possible. Bus routes cannot be cut off completely, which is why the following streets cannot be closed: Hämeenpuisto, Itsenäisyydenkatu, Rautatienkatu, Satakunnankatu and Ratinansilta. It may also not be possible to close some streets, to guarantee free access for rescue vehicles.

After the plan for temporary traffic arrangements has been approved, the event organiser must submit the plan to the police and rescue services. The plan must be attached to the notice of a public event. We also recommend informing people who live in the area and who may be affected by the street closure. A good way to inform them is to distribute announcements on the closure to nearby buildings and to inform of the closure in advance near the part of the street that will be closed. Include the name and contact information of the event organiser in the announcement for queries, and indicate the period of time when the closure is expected to affect the people living nearby or who use the street.

For further information and assistance in filling out any application forms in Finnish, please contact the Visit Tampere Event Services team.

  • Street use permits (links to application form and instructions, in Finnish) (City of Tampere Planning Services)
  • Liikennemerkkitoimisto (traffic sign department, in Finnish) (Tampereen Infrastructure Production)

Permit to organise an event in a road area maintained by the state

All events that take place on a road and deviate from regular traffic require a permit from the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) or the police. If it is not necessary to close the road for the event, submit a written free-form application to the ELY Centre for Pirkanmaa. For an event that requires a road closure, the police department of the jurisdictional district grants the permit, subject to the opinion of the regional ELY Centre on the application. Make sure to submit the application well in advance of the event, up to six months in advance in the case of a major event.

For further information and assistance in filling out any application forms in Finnish, please contact the Visit Tampere Event Services team.

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